How to be Rye-t: Tahini and Rye Choc Chip Cookies

Wow, a second post in 2019 and it’s not even mid March? I’m on a roll or rolling, due to the fact I’m back recipe testing and eating a lot of it (of which I regret nothing). I’ve been a long time follower of Edd Kimber aka The Boy Who Bakes for his recipes with a twist, beautiful photography and great, easy to follow recipe videos for tricky bakes. I also like to admire Continue reading “How to be Rye-t: Tahini and Rye Choc Chip Cookies”


Turning 21 with a Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

It’s pure fate that I left America at the bitter age of 20 and turned 21 here. 21 in England is only a milestone age because it came across the pond from America, you can’t do anything new. In America, 21 is when the world is suddenly Continue reading “Turning 21 with a Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake”

Stars, Stripes and Hiatus Cookies

So this is awkward… it’s been a while. Want some apology cookies?


I have an explanation. Many stories. A different ‘me’ to present. I’m a changed woman. And cookie queen. Continue reading “Stars, Stripes and Hiatus Cookies”

Low Fat Banana Bread with gooey Nutella centre

Nutella banana bread

A lot of things are going on in my life at the moment. My end of year exams have now finished *phew* and I am working and exercising more than ever! I’ve also been busy sorting out visas for the US, and making plans for my impending 20th birthday. Basically, my life is being turned upside down as a lot of things come to a close, and new opportunities arise. I still can’t quite believe that I’m going to spend my third year studying in America!

Baking has always been my Continue reading “Low Fat Banana Bread with gooey Nutella centre”

Gluten free, vegan chocolate truffles (and a showstopper tart)

Vegan truffle tart

So I have another essay deadline looming. Which means that baking has become a regular method of procrastination once again and my essay is still yet to be finished… But never mind, essays can wait, for this tart is heaven in a bite. And its mostly a lighter version of the real thing, bar the chocolate ganache topping (I’m sorry but it needed a little bit of naughtiness) But feel free to leave out the chocolate ganache topping if it’s too much for you! Continue reading “Gluten free, vegan chocolate truffles (and a showstopper tart)”

Rising from the dead with Red Velvet Brownies

Red velvet brownies

If you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet, I have my excuses! It’s been a busy past few months, involving full time working, holidays abroad and moving house to start my second year of uni. The workload is double the amount of last year, and to make things worse, my oven in my new house seems to enjoy burning everything put in it in the space of 5 minutes. After constant juggling around with it and keeping a beady eye on my baked goods (involving me sitting next to the oven on a chair just watching it bake) I have finally cracked it and managed to produce something that doesn’t taste burnt!

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Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies (Dairy-free and Gluten-Free)

Flourless Peanut butter brownies

Summer is upon us, and eating a full fat brownie carries too much guilt to justify eating more than 1. Also, I have moved back in with my parents and there is no flour or proper chocolate in the house, but I had a craving to bake proper CAKE. Brownies were the perfect solution! After dredging the internet for a flourless recipe that doesnt need proper chocolate, I found the perfect one, Continue reading “Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies (Dairy-free and Gluten-Free)”

Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake

Lemon and Blueberry cheesecake

Cheesecake, for me, is HARD. I find it fiddly, time-consuming and stressful to make, and I haven’t tried to make it since I made it as a 13 year old teenager in food technology class. Back then, it took 2 hours to cook, leaked all over the oven and overran from my lesson into the lunch break, which displeased my teacher at the time! I was put off ever baking a cheesecake again. But it was my adventurous promise to bake a cheesecake for one of my best friend’s 20th birthdays that meant I had to go through the turmoil of cheesecake making again. And the first try did not go well at all.

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Healthy-ish Avocado Cookies

Avocado chocolate cookies

So it’s about 11pm, I’m bashing my head on my desk from manic essay writing and I just need to procrastinate and get away from my desk for a little bit. I flick through some baking blogs, looking frantically for a baking fix, a recipe that I won’t have to run to the shops for. All I could think about to minimise my search was the extremely ripe avocado sitting in my fridge, and a total craving for chocolate. My answer? Chocolate avocado cookies! Crisis averted, and they were kinda healthy, so I could munch on them relatively guilt free while I completed my essay too. Perfect.

I have to admit, I was skeptical of using an avocado in these cookies. Wouldn’t they make them taste funny? How would the batter even work? Avocado is great on a bit of toast sure, but baking with it was a whole new level to me. The avocado was ripe past eating point, kinda the equivalent to a black banana, so I didn’t see any harm in giving these a whirl and saving that poor lone fruit. Plus, it meant a bit of creativity could occur, so of course I added some cinnamon to these too (how could I not) while topping them off with a swipe of nutella just completed them for me. The actual cookies are dairy and egg free, so if you omit the nutella, these are vegan, which is even better!

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