The ‘you can never have too much caramel’ Birthday Cake

Baking is pretty much impossible without a working oven, who’d have thought? So when my landlord finally come around to replace the oven with a shiny new one (THAT ACTUALLY WORKS AND DOESN’T BURN EVERYTHING ON THE BOTTOM) I leapt at the chance to do a ‘test run’. As its mine and a few friends birthday events coming up, I started with Continue reading


Turning 21 with a Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

It’s pure fate that I left America at the bitter age of 20 and turned 21 here. 21 in England is only a milestone age because it came across the pond from America, you can’t do anything new. In America, 21 is when the world is suddenly Continue reading

Victoria Sponge with a twist

The Classic Victoria Sponge with a TWIST (literally)

I often make very creative cakes for friend’s and family’s birthdays, and my little sister’s was no exception. She requested a simple victoria sponge so that she would be able to stuff her face with more cake and not feel sick – Classic sister – and I was wracking my brain for a more creative way to present the cake than the generic icing sugar dusting and two stacked cakes with cream and jam oozing out. And then my idea hit me, literally, in the form of my new bundt tin being delivered the morning of my cake baking crisis!

My epiphany: Continue reading