Photo 22-04-2018, 10 52 25 Hi, I’m Sian! I am a 22-year-old graduate living in the UK, who spends all her free time baking and then preceding to (mostly) stuff my face with it after. I love writing poetry, running, weights training, martial arts and I do events and sports photography when I’m not crazily photographing my food. ONE DAY, I hope to write a cookbook, or at least help publish one.

Seeing as I spend most of my free time on the internet reading food blogs, making myself hungry, then impulse baking, I thought I should make a blog where you can find some of the nicest recipes on the internet that even a student/poor graduate/anyone can whip up in her awful kitchen with an oven with drawn on temperature dials with Sharpie (that’s not a joke). Aaand where I can find all the recipes I have ever baked, especially as I have a habit of making them up as I go!

You’ll soon find that I’m obsessed with cinnamon (its probably the best spice in the WORLD), dark chocolate and lemons, and that I don’t follow recipes ever, I just make them up as I go along, or change the flavour combos, or something.

Feel free to contact me with requests for recipes, I’d be more than happy to bake something up and give it a little twist if I can!

Thank you for visiting my blog, feel free to flit about, comment and like stuff, and, most importantly, bake!

Love Sian xx


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