Mayonnaise chocolate brownies (dairy-free, vegan)

I hit a real wall this month. I kinda lost my liking for cake. Sure, it’s edible and all, but it just hasn’t excited me recently. I know, it’s a scandalous admittance, but it’s bumming me out as much as it is you, okay? I think me and cake just need a little break y’know? Some me time. Some time with the cookies and no bake recipes of the world.  I’m just going to have some time with my precious nutribullet smoothies that everyone thinks I’m crazy for liking. Yeah. Dear cake, I’ll come back for you on a rainy day. I’ll learn to cherish you once more someday…
P.S. Brownies are definitely a cake grey area/exception.

It doesn’t mean cake is going to come to a full stop on here, don’t you worry. I love making it, I love eating the batter with a spoon and licking the bowl while it bakes. Its just the end result I’m lacking love for. It’s probably my oven. In fact, it is my oven, with its immense skill to both burn and undercook or overcook cake especially. I can’t wait to get back to my glorious brand new oven back home where the temperature is actually correct and I can bake a loaf in it without it being charcoal in 10 minutes.

Recently I’ve dropped the food photography a little for models instead. It’s a breath of fresh air, shooting in freezing cold parks and nature reserves with a shivering model. We’ve got smoke. We’ve got flowing dresses. We’ve got magic at our fingertips (in Photoshop mostly). The world is our oyster, kinda. I have to say I got one of my favourite shots ever on my latest trip to Holland Park, and I keep coming back to it and thinking ‘I really took that?!’ It’s my greatest photo ever, maybe. Depends on whether you prefer food to models, so I think some of you would disagree. I think modelling shots are sometimes easier than food photography actually. Models have different faces and dress changes and gorgeous surroundings. I have no dresses for my brownies, (sorry frosting, you’re not the same), and I work in a messy, dark kitchen which rarely gets any natural light! But imagine it though, a brownie in a dress. I think it could work. 😉

Sian Pratley Photography

My favourite shot!

Canterbury has been glorious these past few days however, it’s been sunny and warm, and sun means I can take photos again! Artificial light in my kitchen is really rubbish and it doesn’t inspire me to get my camera out at all. Now, I know I said I wasn’t liking cake much, but this recipe really caught my eye when I saw it on Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog the other day, I had to try out a recipe this crazy!

Mayonnaise brownies

Looking like normal brownies right?

Now, please don’t click away when I tell you the secret ingredient is actually a much loved condiment… Mayonnaise! Or Veganaise if that’s your preference. The thing is, I actually hate the stuff, so the fact I like these means that you really wouldn’t know! I even tested this on my housemates and classmates at uni, and no one got it, and everyone raved about them and went for seconds, sooooo, are you convinced yet?

I originally made them as mini muffins and I have to say these work the best, but I made them into brownies today because I needed to use up the mayo before my housemates would notice it and suspect that something’s afoot….

I based the recipe on Chocolate Covered Katie’s but added more cocoa and used caster sugar as I don’t like using sweetners nor have Xylitol. I also doubled it as I wanted more batter (it was only enough for 6 big cupcakes/16 mini originally)

Dairy free browniesMakes 16 brownies/12 cupcakes

1 cup plain flour
1 cup caster sugar
7-8 tbsp cocoa powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp bicarb of soda
pinch baking powder
1/2 cup mayonnaise/egg-free mayo/veganaise (I used full fat here)
2/3 cup water2 tsp vanilla

Preheat your oven to 180˚C
Whisk all your dry ingredients together, then add the wet to the dry.
Quickly spoon into muffin liners/a lined tin and bake for 20 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.

They taste best after a day of being made, so I made them just before going to bed and ate a few for a naughty breakfast! They’re fudgy, gloriously moist but a teeny bit cakey too. I think they might have re-instated my liking for cake y’know, so crisis over!

Biscoff and mayonnaise brownies

P.S. Spoon some blobs of Biscoff spread/Spekuloos and swirl into the batter, its divine 😛

This is so quick and easy to make, it took me half an hour from start to finish!
I hope you guys manage to trick people into eating (and enjoying) them,

Keep Baking,
Love Sian xxx


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